It is a great pleasure for me to welcome all the players, officials, media and fans to Soroksari HC for the EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge I!

We are at our Indoor season once again, where speed and excitement run high. We have a very busy February full of hockey all across Europe: the Men’s Cup in Vienna, the women’s cup in Wettingen, the trophies in Sveti Ivan Zelina and Siauliai and the other challenges in Alanya and Cascais.

Organising a tournament requires a lot of work, patience and dedication and the European Hockey Federation would like to thank Zoltan Losonci and her team for their tremendous effort here in Soroksari HC.

Most importantly, I wish the very best of luck to all the players taking part in this tournament, as well as all the coaches, umpires, officials: May you have a competitive, fair, rewarding and above all, enjoyable event.

Play on!

Good luck!

Marijke Fleuren
European Hockey Federation

   Marijke Fleuren
   EHF President, Netherlands
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   Jorge Alcover
   EHF Vice President, Chair Competitions Co-Ordination, Spain
   Carola Meyer
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   Mika Rihtila
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   Executive Board Member, Chair Competitions Committee Outdoor, Sweden
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   Ádám Szűcs HUN
   András Láng HUN
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   Fabian Blasch GER
   Andrew Kennedy ENG
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   Roel van Eert NED
   Kevin Roberts WAL
   Tamás Herrmann HUN
   Lubos Kamendy SVK
   Vesselin Zaharie BUL
   Maksym Perepelitza UKR
   Pietro Galligani ITA
   Lucas Olivier BUL